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It’s that time of year again. When the sparklers and champagne come out, the party hats go on and work schedules and meetings go out the window. It’s office Christmas Party time. Now for most women, that means scouring the stores and online shops (for those of us that are time poor), for the perfect dress. Walking through Union Square here in San Francisco the windows from Saks to H&M are adorned with countless options for the holidays – whether it be the perfect jeweled mini, the elegant maxi or the classic little black dress.

I like most people love a good window shop however I’m not really a dress girl (or even a skirt for that matter). I will on occasion wear a dress if the event calls for it – work function, wedding day; that’s about it though.  I much prefer a comfortable pair of pants. Boring and unglamorous – never! Perfect for your next Christmas Party – definitely! The sexiest you can be is when you are being yourself, and for me that means a fantastic pair of pants, a great heel and accessories. So here’s how to rock a pant for the Christmas Party, and still be the most stylish person in the room.

The Crop and Pant ComboCollage

For those of us who thought it would be a one season wonder, the crop is still here and going as strong as ever. I must admit I was definitely a slow adopter of this style. However I am now a convert. Done right, the crop is a stylish alternative when paired with a great pant (or high waisted skirt) and perfect for Christmas Party style. The best thing is cropped does not necessarily have to equate to stomach bearing. So  unless you do your 100 crunches day (who has time for that) opt for high-waisted pants that sit above the belly-button and a top that falls past your bra-line. Only a touch of flesh is still cropped and very sexy. But of course if you have the abs, flaunt them, and grab that fantastic cut-out crop and wear them with a sexy suit  or flowing wide-legged pair of pants.

The JumpsuitCollagejumpMy favourite outfit for any occasion, but especially for evening and parties. The jumpsuit is my go-to stylish outfit for any occasion. Once delegated as the unusual and rebel outfit, something only models, the fashion elite and Stella McCartney could wear, the jumpsuit  is now a fashion staple, for dinner, a wedding or the style stand out at any party. No longer do you don’t have to worry about finding the right top and pants combination, the jumpsuit is your little black dress with legs, and perfect for the holiday season.  Just be mindful that trips to the bathroom are hazardous (don’t say I didn’t warn you!), but that hasn’t stopped me yet from wearing these all year round.

The SuitCollagesuitI’ve written before that the number one piece to have in any wardrobe is a blazer (I myself have several in my own closet). For Christmas Parties and evening events the blazer as part of a pants ensemble is the ultimate chic look for the season. For simple elegance, team a black blazer with black pants and white shirt, even t-shirt with a simple heel. If you’re feeling adventurous go for a head-to-toe colour suit option, wear a crop underneath or pair a coloured or patterned blazer with black pants for instant glam. The best thing about this look, other than you will be the sexiest person in the room, the staple pieces in this outfit can be worn for almost any occasion. Cost per wear for a blazer and pants – priceless.CollagejewelWith your party attire planned there is one more thing to add to any Christmas outfit – some sparkle. Whether it be a fabulous necklace or bling earrings, sparkle always adds that extra level of wow to any stylish outfit. I’m loving the over-sized statement necklace for this holiday season, and whatever your budget there are options for everyone. Think paired with your holiday suit or deep V-necked jumpsuit, you’ll be the sexiest belle at the holiday ball.

Happy Holidays!

Pictures from Theyallhateus,, AnotherMag and Pinterest

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