White Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve here in America and the Christmas lights are shining, presents are being wrapped and turkey’s stuffed for their grand appearance at Christmas lunch. Back home in Australia, family and friends are just now waking to Christmas morning, presents under the tree and a hot summer’s day of celebrating. In my house that means a cold drink on long hot afternoon, seafood lunch and wearing paper hats from cracked bon bons as we sit around the table and play games on full bellies.

This will be my first Christmas here in America and as therefore my first in the northern hemisphere, and the idea of a White Christmas makes me feel like a child all over again. Tobogganing, snow angels, building your very own Frosty the Snowman; some might think the fun and pleasures of only a child.  But even though I am now all grown up, the idea of a White Christmas is still a giddying thought, something to bouy me through the holiday season so far from home. This year instead of prawns and cold ciders we will instead have hot roasts and delicious egg nog or a hot toddy in front of the fire wrapped in knits and woolen scarves.

 Whether far from home or celebrating with family and friends, whether religious or just a holiday off work after a year of paper pushing, Christmas is the most anticipated time of the year. A time full of tradition and stories. If you are in Ecuador you may put your shoes in the window so Presepio may fill them with gifts; Christmas Eve mass followed by sauerkraut soup, fish and potato salad followed by Loke’s – pieces of baked risen dough with raisins and poppy seeds in Slovakia; Hogmanay celebrations in Scotland with big bonfires, dancing and bagpipes and bannock cake.

 Even now as I look out the window the snow has began to fall. Snow angels and tobaggoning may ensue. It seems a White Christmas may be had here and we will have to build snowmen and build traditions of our own. In the end, isn’t that what Christmas is all about in the end – having a day, spending it how you want, and making your own traditions and stories to last.

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays.



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