Top Beauty Products to Pack when Traveling

largerbagWhen packing for any trip on top of the essentials – passport, tickets, change of underwear; I try to pack to be prepared for most situations. One thing that seems to suffer however, is my beauty regime, specifically, that for the my skin. Heading off to somewhere warm and tropical to relax on white sands will also mean oily skin, clogged pores and frizzy, unmanageable hair. Planning on being a snow bunny this winter, you can also be sure you are guaranteed a dry, wind-burned face and chapped lips. I have just come back from spending a week in sub-zero temperatures. Our White Christmas was beautiful, sleigh rides and snowmen. But it has also wrecked havoc on my skin – constant running between freezing fun in the snow and severely high indoor heating  has left me with chapped lips and dry hands. It would be lovely to be able to take our whole bathroom cabinet with us when we travel. I must admit I am a ‘just-in-case’ packer (which is not great for my luggage allowance but I’m working on it). but over the years I have tried to fine-tune the cosmetic case and found a few essentials that now accompany me everywhere. As you all start to overhaul your beauty regimes in this new year, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite products to take with you on your next adventure. Here is my top 6 travel beauty companions.

1. Dry shampoo – I absolutely swear by this stuff. I first read about dry shampoo in my fashion magazines as a way of extending one’s blow dry for an extra day. It is perfect when traveling. It lets you get get away with washing your hair for a few more days – great if your hostel isn’t offering hot water; and when traveling through humid climates helps keep your hair manageable and relatively more normal. There is also the added bonus of adding it to your morning routine when you’re home. If you’re anything like me time in the morning beauty regime is limited – I would much prefer that extra 10 minutes curled up in bed. Dry shampoo is the the lazy (read smart) girl’s answer to skipping the wash and blow dry before work. Just a simple spray of this, brush it through and voila, your done. I used for years Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo which was always perfect, though if you are after a great less-expensive alternative try Dove Refresh Dry Shampoo, it will leave your hair fresh once again, and add that extra volume to combat that limpness that humid climates do so well.  And if you’re a brunette like me and find the white residue of dry shampoos still visible after brushing it out, use Batiste Hint of Colour Dry Shampoo, perfect for throwing in your suitcase when you next fly out the door – it even comes on a travel size at your drug store when heading

2. BB Cream – For years I wore a tinted moisturizer instead of any makeup, at the time I was able to get away with minimal coverage and just wanted more of a healthy glow. In more recent years however, my skin misbehaves much, much more and is plagued by random bouts of acne, clogged pores and the occasional rash from anything and everything. Personally, I don’t like to wear heavy foundation more than I have to as it will just irritate my skin, so I have invested in more heavy duty yet still light alternatives for my skin, on weekends and especially when traveling. A great BB Cream (or CC cream) acts as the perfect multi-tasker – moisturizer, sunscreen, complexion corrector all with a touch of colour for enough coverage for you to look fantastic in your holiday snaps. And for those of us trying to keep our luggage down so there is more room for overseas purchases, a multi-asking BB Cream is the perfect answer. There are hundreds of  great options on the market now – my current favourites are Keihls BB Cream – Actively Correcting and Beautifying with SPF 50  and  Estee Lauder Clear Difference Complexion Perfecting BB Creme SPF 35; but a BB Cream is definitely worth the investment for your next holiday adventure.

3. Waterproof Mascara – Whilst traveling you may have to forgo the one hour beauty and makeup regime in the morning for a much quicker and efficient version, there is however one product that should always make the cut – a good mascara. But for traveling (and has now made its way into my regular bag) a waterproof version. This one might seem like a no-brainer when you are heading to a tropical holiday, but I have found that a waterproof mascara is the perfect travel companion in all situations and climates. It will prevent smudging and the inevitable panda eyes whether its hot and humid on your island paradise, cold and wet in the snow, or even if you find yourself walking for hours exploring your new city destination (nobody wants to lift their sunglasses for that one great shot and look back to see your black eyes half way down your face). Great ones I have tried and found to live up to the hype are Mac Zoom Waterfast Lash and the cult classic Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof apparently there is one of these sold every 1.9 seconds.

4. Cleansing Facial Wipes – These are able to cleanse your face, remove makeup, refresh you after a 12 hour flight and also get you out of any ‘sticky’ situation, cleansing wipes are an absolute must. Now I would never advocate for anyone to skip washing your face before going to sleep – if I believe what the dermatologists have been saying for years its the worse thing you can do for your skin. But really, we’ve all been there and done it, I know I’m still guilty of it. And after a day of walking and exploring and eating and laughing and drinking, all you want to do is fall into bed. Facial cleansing towelettes are the lazy girl’s answer to getting your face clean – dirt, grime, makeup and even that waterproof mascara is no match. The best ones I have used  are the gentle, sensitive skin ones – they seem to be less harsh on the skin like Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes. And for the wipes that come with that less then trustworthy sticky tab to close them up and keep them from drying out – store them in a plastic sandwich bag whilst you’re traveling. They will stay wet and cleansing the whole time.

5. All-round moisturizer – I can think of so many instances when traveling and I have made my husband walk around looking for a a pharmacy or drug store because I needed a moisturizer for dry skin that was sore or itchy. We both would have preferred to be vising a museum or having a delicious lunch, trust me. I have since learned from my mistakes and now carry an all purpose moisturizer with me at all times that can act as an eye cream, facial moisturizer, body moisturizer, heel cream, cuticle cream and lip balm such as Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream or Avene Cold Cream. This one actually saved me when I was traveling in Japan and my eyes kept watering so much that the skin under my eyes turned red, raw and flaky – very painful. Your dehydrated skin will also thank you for it after hours of flying at high altitudes in that dehydrating aeroplane.

6. Perfume – Everyone has a signature scent. Whether you change from season to season or have that one perfume you found 10 years ago and wear everyday For me perfume is a little luxury every girl deserves and a luxury you should always travel with. To make this possible a travel atomizer  like Travalo is perfect for making your perfume both travel and carry-on luggage friendly. Alternatively, you can always spoil yourself with a new Rollerball travel size fragrance or go with the novel solid perfume such as those found at one of my favourites Lush. When moving from hotel to hotel or living in a hostel with cold showers for a week, the simple act of putting on your perfume each morning will make you feel much more like yourself and ready for your day.

Remember, the important thing when packing for any trip is to ask yourself, how many times will I use this? Everyday? Is it essential? The same goes for your cosmetics bag. And the next time you are planning that exciting trip, visit your favourite beauty counter and ask for samples of a few different skincare treatments – perhaps your favourite masks or facial scrub. Theses are so easy to fit into your bag and will take up no space at all, and then you will have some backup non-essentials just in case you need them.


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