Collage2This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge was all about ‘Orange’. The colour of fire, of sunsets, the colour of well, oranges. The challenge asked for a collection of photos rather than just one. This set me with my own difficult task of finding photos that were in essence something orange. And so I started looking back through all my photos I have taken over the years, from holidays, special occasions and just everyday days gone by; reminiscing about all the amazing places I have visited, the spectacular views and the wonderful memories I have shared.

Orange this week for me is remembering. Remembering my first New Year’s Eve fireworks in my new home San Francisco; the orange temples of Kyoto; the autumn leaves falling to the ground in Yosemite last year; my first halloween Jack ‘o’ Lantern; the colourful doorways in Guatemala; the vibrant kimono of the performer who danced at the reception for the happy new couple  in Myiajima, Japan. Orange is taking the moment to sit back and remember the memories you have, the ones you made and were apart of. Often the rush and noise of everyday life drowns out the moments you may have forgotten, the laughs you shared, the joy you felt. That is orange for me this week.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

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