Living Pip is a place where my passion for writing and photography has (finally) come to together to share my love for travel, fashion, style, food and my new life. My name is Pip (short for Philippa), I’m 27 and I just recently relocated from Adelaide, Australia to San Francisco, California. On the pages here I will share my every day adventures, places I visit, inspirations, thoughts and musings, as well as the odd imaginative idea. This is not a blog of an ‘Aussie’  living in America, this is a story of experiencing the new and beautiful things life has to offer, and the exciting stories along the way. Hopefully I can inspire you to try your own hand at adventure and step out into the beautiful places in the world and have your own adventures, both close to home and afar.

All photos used here, unless otherwise stated, are copyright of livingpip.com.

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